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Fatehpur district is well connected by road to other cities of Uttar pradesh. Fatehpur district situated on Grant Truck Road is in direct contact with almost all the cities. The Bus stop station of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation is also here. Regularly there are bus services available for cities like Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Banda, Chitrakoot, Jhansi and Bareilly.

Indian Railway Route:

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Fatehpur station exists between Howrah to Amritsar Indian rail route. Mail and express trains are available for New Delhi, Jammu, Howrah, Jodhpur, Farrukhabad, Kanpur, Allahabad and Varanasi etc. Some of the trains available here are given below:

Trains to Kanpur:

Train No. Train Name From To Departure time Arrival Time Running Days
2403 Allahabad Mathura Express Allahabad Mathura 00:53 Daily
2417 Prayagraj Express Allahabad New Delhi 22:50 Daily
4163 Sangam Express Allahabad Meerut city 20:30 Daily
2307 Howrah Jodhpur Express Howrah Jodhpur 13:30 Daily
2311 Howrah Delhi Kalka Mail Howrah Kalka 10:45 Daily
2505 North east express Guwahati Delhi 11:00 Daily
2814 Puri New Delhi Express Puri New Delhi 08:40 Tu, Th, F, Su
8101 Tata Jumtwi Express Tata jammu 10:30 Daily

Trains to Allahabad:

Train No. Train Name From To Departure time Arrival Time Running Days
2404 Allahabad Mathura Express Mathura Allahabad 03:13 Daily
2418 Prayagraj Express New Delhi Allahabad 04:37 Daily
4164 Sangam Express Meerut city Allahabad 05:15 Daily
2308 Howrah Jodhpur Express Jodhpur Howrah 12:30 Daily
2312 Howrah Delhi Kalka Mail Kalka Howrah 15:40 Daily
2506 North east express Delhi Guwahati 14:05 Daily


Airway Route:

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The nearest airport is Chakeri Airport in Kanpur which is 78 km away from Fatehpur, the next nearest airport Lucknow Amausi Airport is 111 km from Fatehpur. There are daily flight services for Delhi in both airports