The Total area of the district in 1970-71 was 4,27,573 hectares, of which nearly 1.7 per cent was covered with forests and about 6 per cent was usar and uncultivable.
About one-tenth of the total area was utilized for purposes other than agriculture and nearly 5.2 per cent of the area was accounted as unfit for cultivation .
The composition of the soil is closely connected with the the state of drain-age and a line drawn from north to south across the doab will Cleary illustrate the change resulting from the variations in the levels of the land.
The methods of cultivation prevailing in the district do not differ materially from those found in the other districts of the state. In the last the principle staple is rice. In the wet tract the principle Rabi crops are mixtures of gram and peas with wheat and barley.
The principle Kharif corp in the district is the big millet or jowar,which alone or in combination with arhar occupies the major portion of area sown in kharif.
A Rabi harvest in the district is that gram leads all other cereals in the season . Of the pulses,arhar occupies asizeable are in the district .
Cotton which was a valuable cash corp in the district till the early years of the present century.

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