Deputy Collector Hiqmat Ullah Khan :

He was deputed in this district during 1857 revolution . He was very much impressed with the feelings of freedom fighters. Ultimately, he offered his services to the motherland and was included in the army of Nana Saheb Peshawa . In the same year, during a clash he was captured by the british army and was hanged on an Imali tree .

Rashtrakavi Sohan Lal Dwivedi :

The great poet, who was awarded the title of “Rashtrakavi” . He was born in 1905 in Bindki sub-division of this district .

Shri Dariyaw Singh :

He was one of those martyrs of this district, who sacrificed their everything in the war of freedom . He along with his son Sujan Singh and others, captured the Khaga sub-division of the district on June 8th, 1857 . Till July 11th, the district was under control of revolutionists . On March 6th, 1858, both of them along with others were sentenced to death by the british govt. .

Shri Ganesh Shankar Vidarthi :

Renowned personality, freedom fighter influenced by Gandhi ideology, was born in the Hathgam place of this district . This place is a block headquarter .

Thakur Jodha Singh Ataiya :

The resident of village Rasoolpur of this district, this freedom fighter played important role in 1857 revolution . On 28th April, 1858, he was hanged on the “Imali” tree near town Khajuha, with 51 other revolutionists . The tree still exists, and this place is known as “Bawani Imali” .