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This district is situated between two important cities Allahabad, which is also known as "Prayag", and Kanpur of state Uttar Pradesh . This is well connected with those cities by train route and by road also . The distance from Allahabad is  117 Km and from Kanpur is 76 Km by railway . The north boundry of the district is limited by river Ganga and southern is ended with river Yamuna .

                                       In the Vedik era the region of this district was known as "Antardesh", which means the fertile area between two big rivers . Later, it was known as "Madhyadesh" which means central region . The northern region of the district is influenced with "Avadhi" culture while  southern part shows  effect of the "Bundelkhand" . The region of Fatehpur was included in the district Vatsa, which was one among sixteen districts described in the Baudh literature .

The modern Fatehpur has been divided in three sub-divisions:-

             1. Fatehpur                     2. Bindki                3. Khaga

At the lower level, the district has been further sub divided into thirteen "Development Blocks" & six   Urban/Town areas :-

Development Blocks

  1. Airaya               2. Amauli              3. Asothar             4. Bahua

  5. Bhitaura            6. Deomai             7. Dhata                 8. Haswa

  9. Hathgam          10. Khajuha          11. Malwan           12. Teliyani

13. Vijayipur  

Urban/Town Areas

1. Fatehpur N.P.P.               2. Bindki N.P.P.              3. Bahua T.A.         

4. Khaga T.A.                   5. Kishunpur T.A.          6. Koda Jahanabad T.A.          7. Hathgam T.A.

There are 1352 populated, 169 non-populated villages,Total 1521 villages in Fatehpur &   840 Gram Panchayats in the district .