Infrastructure  Law & Order

The  district  is not know for high incidence of crimes except when during the closing years of the last century crimes affecting life. 

Justice:     Fatehpur become an independent judgeship with effect from Dec15,1967,breaking off all kind with the district judge,kanpur. The court of the district judge is the highest criminal court of the district ,having  the power of death sentence,subject,however,to confirmation by the High Court of Judicature. He is assisted by four additional session judges. A chief judicial magistrate and a judicial  magistrate also work under the session judge.

Besides the district judge , the district has four additional civil judges who exercise almost equal powers with him. The munsif  and four additional munsif dispose of regular  civil suits and also certain other cases.

      Bar Association:  The district bar association, with its headquarters at Fatehpur,was registered in the year 1947 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.

     Nyaya Panchayats:   To associated the people with the administration of justice ,and train them in dispensing it, the U.P. ,Panchayat Raj Act ,1947,provided for the establishment  of panchayati adalats in the villages .