Economy  Industries

The making of koras (whips) was an important industry of the town of  Fatehpur,till the opening years of the twentieth century.

Steel Pipes ,utensils, steel furniture,pree button,pulleys.weights and measures etc are produced in different units located in urban centers of the district and provide employment .

Chemical &Allied industries produce soap, tooth-powder ,candles, wax and ink located at Fatehpur,khaga,Bindki and Jahanabad,Bahua and Hathgaon.

Processing Industries in small scale is engaged in processing of paddy, wheat ,arhar,gram,moong,masur,urd,sugar-cane and oil-seeds.

Wooden furniture ,beams, doors and windows for buildings and carts of different type are made located at Fatehpur,Khaga,Bindki,Jahanabad,Lasuli and Kishunpur. 

Textile & leather industries have major role in the district development.

In the Agro industry, Many Cold Storage Plants provide facilities to store Potatoes ,Tomatoes, Onions etc.