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Govt. of India has given the responsibility of spreading I.T. culture upto the district level, to the National Informatics Centre  known as NIC . The  NIC  is engaged  in the computerisation of offices of state / central government in the district  since 1988, when this started functioning here . The various activities being undertaken by the district unit can be categorised as following:

The impact of  I.T. revolution can be well seen in the district, a brief description of the main projects / activities is given below .

Main Projects

Land Records Computerisation Land Record is fully computerised in all Tehsils. The Record of Right (ROR) Khatauni is getting generated online  through  the  Computers   at  the  Tehsils.  The  Revenue  is getting collected through this computerisation. This is a  one step  ahead  in e-governance.   Due to this facility at Tehsil the Farmer can get  his  Khatas  nakal  from  Computer  Centre  itself.   This  will   also  enable   the administration at  Tehsil  level    to  generate  the  various  reports  based  on   the  information  entered  in  computer.  The  beauty   of this project is that it is running in Tehsils by Lekhpals efforts after getting trained by NIC District Centre.

Treasury Computerisation  The   activities  of     the  District  Treasury have been fully computerised . All sorts  of  work  like  Bill  passing,  Payment,   Receipts, CCL / DCL  & Pension disbursement have been computerised . Cheques  printing  is  being performed by Computer only.  No   Manual  work.  This  Treasury   Computerisation software got ISO 9001 award. This total computerisation was done by NIC.

District Court Computerisation To facilitate litigants, all informations  related to a  case in all courts have been fed in the Computer. Daily Cause   List  is  being generated and displayed in the courts to enable the  litigants to access informations about their case. An Information Facilitation Counter  has been   opened  in  the Centralized Computer Centre to enquire about the case of the litigants. Also e-mail   facility  has been  made  available in the District Court to send / receive messages.

Statistical Magazine :  The  Statistical   Magazine / Sankhyikiya  Patrika  is  a  government  Magazine,  which contains all sorts of information about the district. The Sankhyikiya Patrika is fully web enabled and  available on, which contains  data since  year  1995  to  2003. This was made successful with the co-operation of DESTO and NIC. 

NICNET Connectivity   The   district  unit  has given  NICNET  connectivity   to   the various govt. offices through dialup connections, to avail the Email facility .

Monitoring Projects Various computer aided monitoring projects are being run in the sector  of Revenue,  Rural Development,  Public Grievances etc. to assist   the district administration .  In addition to the above,  the district  unit is engaged in providing "Consultancy" to the govt. offices in the area of computerisation .