Infrastructure  Education

For many years after the establishment of the British rule ,maktabs and pathshala  were the only teaching institutions. Their scope extended to imparting the rudiments of reading and writing of the Arabic,Persian or Hindi languages in addition to book-keeping and arithmetic.

An English school at Fatehpur,started in 1844 and located in the cutcherry compound. The largest school was that at Khajuha with an attendence of 123.

The first Government school to be opened in the district was that at Kishanpur in 1855.

An idea of the progress made in the sphere  of education    may be obtained from the returns of the literacy at successive census enumeration.

The Mahatma Gandhi Degree College ,Fatehpur ,traces its origin to the year 1961 and offers facilites for education in arts at the degree level. It is affiliated to Kanpur  University.

Professional and technical education  provided by few institutions such as I.T.I. , Polytechnic.